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Laat.ee - Made in Estonia goods

The aim of Laat.ee is to guarantee the sustainability of Estonian products and production methods.

The unique web environment lets Estonian small-scale producers meet their customers without charging for it.

Laat.ee is the first social networking / trading portal that combines a free web trading environment with an interactive interface. In the portal, every company has a free webpage that gives a good overview of the producer and their goods. The producer can be contacted through web communication channels as well as telephone. All communication and transactions between the merchant and the guest are conducted privately and upon mutual agreement of the parties.


The Laat.ee web system has defined the term FON, Fair Online Network.
The system lets the user create free web pages that are aggregated into a common interface with the aim of creating a direct marketing channel that offers interactive communication channels and other tools.
The general aim behind this is to protect small businesses and help them overcome the limitations imposed on them by their size.
Come and support the Estonian cause!




Does Laat.ee charge a membership fee?
The portal does not charge for membership, services, server space or trade transactions (with the exception of some special cases).
If the merchant turns out to be an intermediary or a large-scale producer, the portal reserves the right to cancel membership.
If the protal does not charge merchants, how does it earn a profit?
The supporting costs of Laat.ee do not come from small-scale producers or their customers, but from larger companies, who are interested in advertising partnerships with Laat.ee.
A small-scale producer can advertise and market their goods with no cost. The aim of the portal is to support small-scale producers.
Should I still reserve a percentage of the price for the intermediary?
Laat.ee does not charge for the trading and does not get involved in the relations between the merchant and the buyer.
The portal management does not ask for any information about the transactions carried out.
If the merchabt wishes, they can leave the price unfixed.
In what form should the merchant be legally registered?
Laat.ee does not require any proof of legal registration.
The merchant does not have to be registered as a private entrepeneur or a company, but they must produce their goods, or the goods they represent, on the territory of the Estonian republic, and meet the criteria of a small-scale producer (read below).
All contracts between the merchant and the buyer should follow good trading practice.
For gaining more trust from the general public, it is still advisable to define the form of your enterprise and add the respective attributes.
What is the difference between a large-scale producer and a small-scale poducer?
In order to join Laat.ee as a merchant, the producer has to be a small-scale producer or the legal representative of one.
The enterprise should not be active in mass production for large sale channels.
The number of employees should be less than 50 (unions and societies can be an exception).
What is an „own product“ and who can represent it?
For the purposes of Laat.ee, an „own product“ is a piece of merchandise produced personally by the registered merchant in accordance with all the required licenses and requirements or represented by the merchant by proxy of the author/producer.
The „own product“ has to be produced on the territory of the Estonian Republic, preferably fully or partially out of local raw materials (the packaging excluded).
Should the price of the product and of transport be fixed?
If the merchant so wishes, they can leave all prices unfixed. We still recommend that the proces be shown together with product information, to guarantee more interest from the buyers.


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